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Reading Books to your children from young, it will benefit them for life

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Learn mORE

Teach your children

You are their first and the best teacher. Parents can use the flash cards as a tool to increase their Chinese conversation with children, play and learn Chinese. It is great for bonding.

Sibling Love

Sibling can use these flash cards to share and learn it together. Sharing is caring, we love to see children share and care. Children observe other children and imitate what they say and do. This will speed up their learning process.

Play Matching Game

Use matching label cards as hands-on activity to help childrenlearn to recognise Chinese characters, great for older children to practise and remember what they learned.

Watch Two Years Old Playing with Cards

The more they see it, the more they learn it

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Was very excited to receive this. The packaging was really pretty and the cards and holder are good quality. Would recommend this!

Sabrina W

When I first open the box, I was impress on the quality of the printed cards and the wooden card holder. Cards are in good size and the Chinese characters are easy to read.
My 2.5 years old daughter loves matching the animal names. Such fun way to learn Chinese character. Highly recommended.


These are the PERFECT flash cards to begin teaching my kids Chinese. This is such a fun way to learn for the kids too! Perfect for my 3 year old because it feels more like a fun activity or game rather than forcing him to learn Chinese. The quality is also phenomenal. I’m so impressed with these! Love love love these SO much!