Three Simple Steps Videoes

How to teach children new words with three simple steps

Our method is inspired by Montessori education, helping young children to learn vocabulary and concepts effectively.

We recommend 5-6 flash cards at a time.

The three simple steps are (use dog 小狗 as an example) :

1. Introduction(Naming): "This is _____"

Point to the flash card, say to your child " This is 小狗", and ask your child to repeat the word.

2. Identification(Recognizing) "Show me_____"

After your child is familiar with the name of animals, ask your child "Show me which one is 小狗?" and get the child to point to the flash card.

3. Remembering (Cognition) "What is this?"

The last step, point to a flash card and ask the child “What is this?"

 Watch How to Use Three Simple Steps : 


Watch 26 months old playing with flash cards:

 Watch 5 years old play matching game using flash cards: