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    Our Story

    When my first baby was born, I thought it should be an easy job to teach him Chinese. I am a native Chinese speaker. I started speaking to him Chinese when he was a baby. I read books to him. When we lack Chinese children's books, I use English books and read to him in Chinese instead. It works well.
    I realized it was challenging, especially when the second and third babies come along. I am the only one in the family speaking Chinese, the rest of the family speaking English. We have a strong English environment at home. Sometimes it is difficult to switch between the two languages.
    I'm convinced that it is very beneficial and important for my children to learn Chinese. It will help them to understand their origin and culture. It may open more doors and opportunities for their future.
    My boys went to Montessori Early Learning, we love the Montessori method and philosophy. They learn things with an active and hands-on method. My children are happy to learn every time they go to Montessori school.
    Over the years, I bought many Chinese learning materials, tried different methods. I could not find a suitable Chinese learning material for my kids to excite learning in a systematic way
    I decided to do further study on the Montessori method and I have completed a Diploma in Montessori Early Childhood. The study has deepened my understanding and my love for Montessori. It is a brilliant method that helps children to quickly learn new concepts.
    I want to help my own children to learn Chinese and help other parents to do the same. Mandarin Prodigies Chinese learning materials are inspired by Montessori methods. Mandarin Prodigies products aim to empower parents to make Chinese learning with your kids playful, fun and rewarding. Our vision is to see children love the language and use the resources to learn Chinese naturally.



    JuanJuan Kristin Yu

    Founder of Mandarin Prodigies

    International Montessori Teaching Diploma (NAMC)



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