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    28 Basic Chinese Strokes and 7 Basic Chinese Character Stroke Rules

    I grew up in mainland China. I moved to Melbourne Australia when I was 19 years old.

    I did my primary and high school in China. One of things I remembered so clearly in primary school is that we spend a lot of time practice writing Chinese character. All students are asked to write a Character many times in order to remember the Character, 20-30 times is the minimum.

    More importantly, you need to write every character in the correct stroke order. Because it is fundamental for writing Chinese character correctly.

    My son ISA who is 5 years old, and he is going to Prep this year. I felt it is right timing to introduce him Chinese strokes, and it is important to set a firm foundation for his future learning.

    So I made this simple and easy to read 28 Chinese Basic Strokes and 7 Basic Stroke Rules material for him. We sit down and go through this together.

    28 Chinese Basic Strokes

     28 Basic Chinese Strokes

    7 Basic Chinese Character Stroke Rules 

    7 Basic Chinese Character Stroke Rules

    It is very important to practice correct stroke order. It will set up a good foundation for their future Chinese learning.  

    Practice correct stroke order is important, it set up a good foundation for their future Chinese learning.

    There are 7 basic Chinese stroke rules that you have to follow. For example, rule 1: write from top to bottom ( 从上到下); rule 2: write from left to right (从左到右)。

    I taught my son to practise these basic strokes. He is beginner in writing Chinese Characters.

    I love Montessori method, so children can learn it in multi-sensory way and have so much fun.  

    I chose to use a tray with some sugar on top to help him practise these strokes. He could hold stick or he could use hands to write it. (you can try sand, salt.. etc to put in the tray)

    Because this is part of sensory play and learn experience. He is so happy to do it.

    Gradually I will introduce Chinese writing grid( 田字格). My focus for a Chinese writing beginner is let him love the language. Let him have lots of fun and explore the language through multi-senses e.g. see, touch, listen and communicate it. 

    More importantly, parents you are their first teacher. If you know the language, it is great bonding moments with your children. 

    I love the moments like this when we sit down together and do it together. 

    If you are interested to get your copy of this useful resources and start helping your children to understand 28 basic Chinese Character Strokes and 7 basic Chinese stroke rules today.

    Please fill in your details below, it will be sent to you soon. 

    Thank you!

    Kristin Yu



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