Bilingual Christmas Advent Calendar/ Christmas activities written in Chinese & English

I always want to make Christmas Advent for my kids. As kids are learning Chinese, why not wrote them in Chinese?

They don't have enough exposure to Chinese language. Every day there are in and out the house, seeing the signs are all in English. I really hope to create Chinese environment as much as I can at home. So they can see & read it.

As Christmas is approaching, I created this simple Christmas activities cards ( 16 activities in the printable ). I was a bit late to create them from first day of December. =)  Well it is better late than never. 

We used envelops and pegs to make a simple garland. We cut out each activity and stick on the beautiful paper to put inside the envelop. Kids put them on the garland. 

Each day when they wake up , they get to open an envelop and look at an Christmas activity. The numbers on the envelop help them to count down to Christmas! WOOHOO~~~

Christmas Advent chinese

Christmas Advent calendar Chinese

Christmas Advent calendar Chinese

Christmas Advent calendar Chinese

It is great kid's Christmas activity at home written in Chinese & English, fill in the details and download the printable for FREE.