Make Easy Peasy Chinese New Year Lanterns & Learn CNY Vocabularies

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. I am missing home so much, specially my mum's cooking. Every year around this time, she makes special food. 

In different parts of China, people celebrate Chinese New Year slightly different. For example, I grew up in southern part of China Fujian. My parents don't make dumpling for Chinese New Year, we eat special noodle with lots of nice toppings on the first day of Chinese New Year. We need to finish the first bowl of noodle on the first day of CNY to have good luck and good year. 

There are many other activities that we do together during Chinese New Year. Children receive red packets from many aunties and uncles and we have reunion family dinner which is big thing during the festival. We hang up new lanterns and write Chinese couplets in the house during this time too. 

Chinese New year activity

I really would love my children to experience the culture and atmosphere one day. We are not travelling anywhere overseas this year, I hope my children still can experience Chinese New Year celebration while we are living in Australia. 

I created this easy Lantern Craft for my kids, using materials that you can easily find it at home.  I created this pack for children to have some fun of learning and understand Lunar New Year.  There will be some colorings of year of tiger, instructions on how to easy lanterns craft and new vocabularies. 

Here are some photos of Kara and me, we did this set of activities together. We made a few lanterns and hang it around the house. She love it! Hope you will make yours too & share it with us. =)

Chinese New Year activities

Chinese New Year activity

Chinese New Year activity

 Chinese New Year activity

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year activity