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    Learn and make my weather station and my feelings board, 我的气象站和我的感觉

    I made this with my girl- well being check & weather station. 我的气象站和我的感觉

    I am home-schooling Chinese 中 for my children . Love Montessori approach, so I am trying to create as much hands-on activities as possible for their Mandarin Chinese learning.

    As Melbourne is in extended lock down, only go out within 5km. Kids’ well being are so important.  This is inspired by the elder's child’s  teacher, who do daily check in with them by ask them how they feel today OR they get to draw how they feel ? 

    This weather station and well-being check are written in English & simplified Chinese. It help children to see  & learn Chinese as they do this activity. 

    I also used this to well-being check for my younger children who just turn 3 years old. A lots of toddlers don't know how to describe their feeling, the picture help us to know how they are by asking them to point to their feeling. 

    I love the idea, so I designed this feeling check & weather station. I always feel that weather affects our emotions. We just enter spring, which is much warmer & I love it, however, having strong hay fever symptoms really affects my emotions & well being. 

    It took me a couple of  hours to design this, we only took about 5 minutes to put it together.

    To make this Weather station and well-being board, all you will need below :

     learn Mandarin Chinese weather and feelings English

    1. Cut out the arrows ( Tips: stick the arrows on another cardboard/thick paper if you can, so the arrow is not too thin. Otherwise young children will bend it), use the pin to go through the hole. 

    learn Mandarin Chinese weather and feelings English

     learn Mandarin Chinese weather and feelings English

    2. Stick the papers on the cardboard, and make two holes on the top for hanging the weather & feeling station. 

    learn Mandarin Chinese weather and feelings English

     3. Hang on the well, so children can see & play and learn some Chinese at the same time.  Create your immersive Chinese environment at home. 

    Download your Free weather station & well-being check below.

    I would love to see your photos of this activity, feel free to share and tag us @mandarinprodigies. 

    Have fun! =D



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